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Kyocera TK 1150 toner cartridge

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Product Code OEM Cartridge Compatible or Remanufactured Color Page Yield For use in PBK-KM3035/TK2530 KM3035/ TK2530 Compatible Black 40,000 KM4035/ 5035/ 2530/ 3035/ 3530/ 4030 PBK-TK110/111/ 112/113/114 TK-110/ 111/ 112/ 113/ 114 Compati

Product Code OEM Cartridge Compatible or Remanufactured Color Page Yield For use in
PBK-KM3035/TK2530 KM3035/ TK2530 Compatible Black 40,000 KM4035/ 5035/ 2530/ 3035/ 3530/ 4030



TK-110/ 111/ 112/ 113/ 114 Compatible Black 6,000 FS-720/ 820/ 920/ 1016MFP/ 1116MFP



TK-1100/ TK-1102/ TK-1104 Compatible Black 2,100 FS-1110/ 1024MFP/ 1124MFP
TK-1100 Europe
TK-1102 US
TK-1104 Australia/ South-east Asia



TK-1110/ TK-1112/ TK-1114 Compatible Black 2,500 FS-1040/ FS-1020MFP/ FS-1120MFP
TK-1110: Russia/ Middle East/ Africa
TK-1112: Latin America
TK-1114: Hong Kong/ SingAsian Pacificaore/ Taiwan/ India



TK-1115/ TK-1119/ TK-1117 Compatible Black 1,600 FS-1041/ 1220MFP/ 1320MFP
TK-1115: Europe
TK-1119: Australia
TK-1117: US



TK-1120/ TK-1122/ TK-1123/ TK-1124 Compatible Black 3,000 FS-1060DN/ FS-1025MFP/ FS-1125MFP
TK-1120: Russia/ Middle East/ Africa/ ThaiLatin AMiddle Eastricand
TK-1122: Latin America
TK-1123: China
TK-1124: HongKong/ Taiwan/ India



TK-1125/ TK-1127/ TK-1129 Compatible Black 2,100 FS-1061DN/ FS-1325MFP
TK-1125 Europe
TK-1127 US
TK-1129 Australia



TK-1130/ TK-1132/ TK-1134 Compatible Black 3,000 Mita FS-1030MFP/ 1130MFPECOSYS M2030dn
TK-1130: Europe
TK-1132: US
TK-1134: South-east Asia



TK-1140/ TK-1142/ TK-1144 Compatible Black 7,200 FS-1035MFP/ 1135MFPECOSYS M2035dn/ M2535dn
TK-1140 Europe
TK-1142 US
TK-1144 Australia/ South-east Asia
PBK-TK1147H TK-1147 HY Compatible Black 12,000 FS-1035MFP/ 1135MFPECOSYS M2035DN
for Latin America
PBK-TK1147S TK-1147 SY Compatible Black 7,200 FS-1035MFP/ 1135MFPECOSYS M2035DN
for Latin America
PBK-TK120/122U TK-120/ 122 UNI Compatible Black 7,200 FS-1030D
PBK-TK130/ /TK132/ /TK134 TK-130/ TK-132/ TK-134 Compatible Black 7,200 FS1300D/ 1300DN/ 1350DN/ 1028MFP/ 1128MFP
TK-130 Europe
TK-132 US
TK-134 Australia/ South-east Asia
PBK-TK135/ TK137 TK-135/ TK-137 Compatible Black 7,200 KM-2810/ 2810DP/ 2820
TK-135 Europe
TK-137 US
PBK-TK140/TK142/TK144 TK-140/ TK-142/ TK-144 Compatible Black 4,000 FS-1100
TK-140 Europe
TK-142 US
TK-144 Australia/ South-east Asia
PBK-TK160/TK162/TK164 TK-160/ TK-162/ TK-164 Compatible Black 2,500 FS-1120D
TK-160 Europe
TK-162 US
TK-164 Australia/ South-east Asia



TK-17/ 18/ 100/ 120/ 122 UNI Compatible Black 7,200 FS-1000/ 1010/ 1050/ 1020D/ 1018MFP/ 1118MFP/ KM1500FS-1030D
PBK-TK17/18/100U TK-17/ 18/ 100 UNI Compatible Black 7,200 FS1010/ 1000/ 1050/ 1020D/ 1018MFP/ 1118MFP/ KM-1500/ 1820
PBK-TK170/TK172/TK174 TK-170/ TK-172/ TK-174 Compatible Black 7,200 FS-1320D/ 1370DN
TK-170 Europe
TK-172 US
TK-174 Australia/ South-east Asia



TK-3100/ TK-3102/ TK-3104 Compatible Black 12,500 FS-2100D/ 2100DN Ecosys M3040dn/ M3540dn
TK-3100 Europe
TK-3102 US
TK-3104 Australia/ South-east Asia



TK-3110/ TK-3112/ TK-3114 Compatible Black 15,500 FS-4100DN
TK-3110 Europe
TK-3112 US
TK-3114 Australia/ South-east Asia



TK-3120/ TK-3122/ TK-3124 Compatible Black 21,000 Mita FS-4200DN
TK-3120 Europe
TK-3122 US
TK-3124 Australia



TK-3130/ TK-3132/ TK-3134 Compatible Black 25,000 FS-4200DN/ 4300DNEcosys M3550idn/ M3560idn
TK-3130 Europe
TK-3132 US
TK-3134 Australia/ South-east Asia

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